Your Guide to Scoring Your Dream Travel Assignment

Do you want to travel the world and make money as a nurse?  Of course, you do! But finding the perfect travel nursing job can be tougher than taking the NCLEX. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.  Here are some effective strategies to help you land your dream travel nursing job! 1. Research Staffing Agencies […]

The 2022 Travel Nurse Gift Guide

The 2022 guide for gifts this holiday season for traveling nurses! From clip boards, to stylish socks, to relaxing kits; Travelers Handoff has you covered to help you be the best gift giver to the nurse in your life.

Ten Quick Thanksgiving Dinner Tips for Busy Travel Nurses

As travel nurses, when it comes to setting the Thanksgiving table between three day, 12-hour shifts, we could all use a little help! Whether you’re hosting this year or just bringing the pumpkin pie, here’s our guide to an easier way! Prioritize the Most Important Parts The holidays can be stressful even if you’re not […]

Travel Nurse Tax Guide

Tax Forms and Coffee

So you’re just starting out as a travel nurse, or you’re sizing up the opportunities out there and want to make sure you understand all the complexities around tax reporting. Things like housing stipends, moving stipends, effective hourly rate, etc can get confusing. Here we’ll try to answer some of the most asked questions traveling […]

12 Gifts To Get The Travel Nurse In Your Life

Whether you are looking for the perfect christmas gift, birthday gift, or maybe even a going-away-on-your-first-assignment gift, we’ve got some great ideas for you. Check out these twelve gift ideas we can guarantee your nurse would appreciate! 1. Stoggles Stoggles are the newest glasses/gadget essential during these covid times. They come in tons of cute colors, […]

Chasing that $$$ Money

So you want to be a Travel Nurse because you want to make the wage you know your hard-working-ass deserves! Here are a few ways to make sure you get the most bang for your buck! Get the highest paid gig! To find the highest paid gig, you HAVE to talk to multiple agencies. This […]

So many travel agencies, how do I do this?

So you want to start travel nursing, and there are so many agencies out there, and you might be feel overwhelmed, thinking “How do I do this?” Well, at the end of the day, it’s not always about the agency but about your recruiter. Recruiters will make or break your travel relationship. A good recruiter […]

So you want to start Travel Nursing….

You’ve seen the incredible posts from the other travel nurses on your floor, and you see them eating beautiful food, buying new cars, and enjoying gorgeous views. Meanwhile, you’re working the same job as them, yet they are making double your pay, or maybe even triple. For most of us, our staff positions are short […]