Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need an account to fill out surveys?

To protect against fake reviews and to ensure we only receive reviews from actual nurses (not hospital management, etc). We verify each member’s nurse status prior to including their survey answers in the results. This guarantees the accuracy of what you see when viewing a Hospital page.

Why do you need my license number?

In order to protect the integrity of the community we need to verify all members are nurses. By restricting access we ensure a safe environment for your comments. We do not use this information for any purposes other than verification.

I have something bad to say, will I get in trouble?

We understand not all contracts go according to plan. You are free to post any legitimate comments about your contract. Other than your username, submissions are anonymous. We do not share or disclose your personal information and use it only to verify our members are nurses.

I work for a travel agency, hospital, etc. Why can't I have an account?

The Handoff is by nurses for nurses. We are not currently accepting corporate accounts. If you are interested in our data, please Contact Us.