The 2022 Travel Nurse Gift Guide

The 2022 guide for gifts this holiday season for traveling nurses! From clip boards, to stylish socks, to relaxing kits; Travelers Handoff has you covered to help you be the best gift giver to the nurse in your life.

1. Owala FreeSip Vacuum Water Bottle

Owala FreeSip Vacuum water bottle!! These days, we know that there are a lot of water bottles out there for the hard working nurse. So the real question is, why this one? Well, for a couple of reasons, this is a perfect water bottle for a nurse. First, everything that you drink is covered when you close the lid, so there isn’t an exposed straw. And second, the Owala water bottle has the option to hydrate using a straw or just take a nice big swig! When you’re working, you just might want a big swig of water, or sip that iced latte; travel nurses gotta be flexible and so does the gear!

2. White Coat Clipboard; For New Nurses

This clipboard is perfect for the newer nurse or even the nursing student in your life! From CBC information to temperature conversions, this handy tool is perfect to have when you need something hard to write on in a jiffy. At the end of the day, we all gotta get bedside report, and this clipboard will help out any nurse, including the travel kind!

3. Phone Stand/iPad holder

Now if you’re anything like us, you might be a multitasker. That might mean you’re talking to a family member and doing the dishes, or maybe trying a new recipe that you found on your phone. Propping it up on the counter just isn’t cutting it anymore. Help your travel nurse out with this handy, foldable tablet or phone stand! It folds up small, which is perfect for the travel nurse that might find themselves flying to Hawai’i for an assignment.

4. Essential Oils; For Night Shift Nurses

If you didn’t know, most travel nurses at some point will take a night shift assignment. Night shifts can be rough on the body and many find it difficult to sleep during the day. The team here at Travelers Handoff would like to recommend these two great blends to help! We have two options, one that is affordable from Maple Holistics, and the other is from doTERRA

5. Parachute Cotton Robe

Everyone can be comfy and cozy! This year, Travelers Handoff is all about finding ways to help nurses take care of themselves. That is why we are recommending this wonderful and luxurious robe from Parachute. Every hard working nurse deserves a robe that they can lounge around in and this is the one that will put all the others to shame. Love the travel nurse in your life and get them a robe! We even recommend the waffle robe if you think they might prefer one for showering. Both are plush and worth the splurge on a nurse, and even for yourself.

6. Heck yes, A Fanny Pack!

Keep your nursing essentials close to you and zipped up! The newest trend in travel nurse attire is a Fanny Pack! This lets nurses keep their essentials close to them and zipped up. Especially since some of the newer style scrubs don’t always have pockets that fit everything a nurse needs. This fanny pack is small, has multiple pockets big enough for saline flushes (an essential for most nurses), can hold a phone and pens, and is cleanable! What more could a nurse ask for?

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7. Figs Compression Socks (SO CUTE!)

Travel nurses are on their feet all day and are at risk for getting blood pooling in the lower extremities. Now there are a lot of compression socks out there, and we get that it might be easiest to order from Amazon. But we here at Travelers Handoff want to take a moment to tell you that you should visit Figs for their super cute compression sock, because they are just the bomb! Some of our favorites include pink with llamas and teal ones with beepers on them! I mean, who doesn’t want a pair of these in their life?

8. Nespresso Coffee Machine

Who doesn’t enjoy good coffee?? If the travel nurse in your life enjoys coffee, then this is the best gift you can get them. This Nespresso coffee maker makes life so easy because it makes a cup of coffee or espresso with the press of a button. And the pods are recyclable so nothing is going to a landfill (looking at you keurig and all the plastic waste)! If your nurse enjoys lattes, make sure you get the package that comes with a milk frother (which will do both hot and cold) so that they can make an iced vanilla latte at home before heading to work!

9. Vuori Joggers

Vuori Joggers are the most comfortable lounge joggers around! If you’re a hard working human, you know you love to have your lounge days. And if you’re going to be lounging around, you have got to have yourself the most comfortable joggers. Travel nurses, look no further than the Vuori jogger! They are the smoothest, softest and most comfortable joggers you’ll ever put your butt in. So get the travel nurse in your life some awesome sweatpants!

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10. Relax with LUSH

Because every good nurse deserves a relaxing time, relax with a little Lush. This year’s theme of gifts is all about self care. We want nurses to feel pampered this year, because it’s just been so rough. A little self love accompanied by a Lush gift set is sure to put a smile on someone’s face. We have one to help with relaxing, and one with their best and most loved products! Heck! Just their hand cream Helping Hand is incredible, and a must for any hard working nurse (we use it religiously)! Sure to be enjoyed by every nurse!

11. A Weighted blanket

Continuing on the self care and reducing stress journey, we recommend getting the travel nurse in your life the gift of a weighted blanket. These blankets are known to help people fall asleep, and feel less stressed. Some people report saying that they feel like they are being “hugged” by their blanket. So in a way, gifting your nurse a weighted blanket, is just like gifting them a hug!

12. Travel Gift Card with an Airline!

Let’s be honest, we’re not called travel nurses for nothing! Most travel nurses travel because they enjoy moving around, going places, exploring and going on an adventure. We know, here at Travelers Handoff, that most nurses plan on going on vacations after assignments. Now, it might be hard to buy plane tickets for them with all the right dates, but giving them an airline gift card means the world! So help your travel nurse out, and give them the gift that helps them go where they want to go.

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